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More goat pics

DE 66 GTO Posted on Sat, January 19, 2013 16:41:14

Dave’s goat

DE 66 GTO Posted on Fri, January 18, 2013 17:04:02

Dave’s GTO project came into the shop after having been in a
couple of other places and getting stalled for various reasons. Body work had been done and it had a fresh
paint job but, it was still mostly disassembled. The body was on the rolling
chassis and a fresh tri-power 389 was strapped to the pallet it was shipped on.

The first task was to intall a Tremec TKO500 5-speed
transmission. This included floor modifications to accommodate the floor
shifter in this previously automatic equipped car. Then with the engine
installed we added a complete dual exhaust system from Pypes. With a lot of
attention to fit and detail this makes a great exhaust system. We modified a
new core support to house an A/C spec radiator. Next up was to run the engine
through the cam break in procedure.

About this time Dave gave his car a long hard look when it
was parked next to Jared’s freshly painted Olds and we agreed that the body
work under his fresh paint job wasn’t quite up to current standards. That’s a
nice way of saying it was as wavy as a stormy sea. The only way to correct the
problem was to start over so, we stripped it to bare metal and started over. Since he also wasn’t overjoyed with the
previous color selection, we also picked a new color to give the car a richer
look. Instead of the previous blue/green metallic it will now be a maroon
metallic currently used on Cadillac Escalades.

Once we got all the paint and bondo stripped of it was
apparent we needed to replace the tail panel and there were a couple of other body
pieces missing that we needed to source before painting the car. With the body
work and block sanding nearly complete the plan was to paint all the jambs with
the body panels off the car, re-assemble it, do the final block sanding, and
then spray the entire exterior of the car. I was preparing to spray the jambs
of the fenders when I noticed this damage on the engine compartment side of the
fender. I had to do a quick patch and repair before painting the jamb.

A coupe for Carolyn

CR 29 Ford Posted on Fri, January 18, 2013 16:07:30

We’re building this 29 coupe for Jared’s mom, Carolyn. Quite
a bit of work had been done on the car long ago but, none of it was finished
and mush of it will have to be re-done.
The chassis had 4-bars front and rear. The front axle was too wide and
had 40 Ford front brakes. The rear was set up with coil over shocks and a Dana
44 rear axle. The body already had a Bitchin Products firewall installed and
the top was chopped and filled. Unfortunately, the top was filled with a flat
piece of sheet metal and covered with lots of body filler in a futile attempt
to create the compound curve needed for the right crown.

Rear End Update

TM 40 Ford Posted on Wed, January 09, 2013 18:55:37

I found a few shots on the camera that have not been published. These show the work that has been done on the rear tail lights and bumper. Also a few comparison shots with Ron Cole’s stock bodied 40 deluxe coupe.

Jim’s Factory Five Cobra

JJ F5 Cobra Posted on Tue, January 08, 2013 16:26:52

We got another stalled project in the shop to finish. Jim’s Cobra kit has been in the local high school’s auto shop since 2007. He just had the body painted recently so, it’s time to get it done. The Factory Five kit is usually designed to use a Fox body Mustang as a donor car. This one has a few departures from that plan. It already has a 427 side oiler, a toploader 4-speed and a nine inch rear installed. Along with Wilwood pedals and master cylinders. Most of the kit’s tin has already been riveted in and the steering is hooked up. That’s about it, the rest will be up to us.

Mark’s roadrunner

MR 70 RR Posted on Sun, January 06, 2013 19:27:01

We have worked on this bad bird a couple of times now. The first time we sorted out the cooling system and rebuilt the rear springs. On the most recent trip, we re-wired the whole car, added the factory style wing and changed the steering wheel. It was an original 383 4speed car that now sports a warmed over 440 6BBL.

Ernie’s 17 year gig

EB 39 Ford Posted on Sun, January 06, 2013 18:39:43

Ernie built this truck himself over a 17 year period. He just got it going recently and brought it into the shop for a gear change. The small block Ford and C4 combo was singing pretty good at freeway speeds with the 4.27 cogs in the Jag rear end. We swapped them out for a set of 3.08 spicer gears and now he can enjoy the tunes as he cruises down the highway in independently suspended comfort. You can read more about it in the December 2012 issue of NSRA’s Streescene magazine on page 54.

Jared’s Olds

JR 51 Olds Posted on Sun, January 06, 2013 18:22:39

Beginning in 2013 news of Jared’s Olds will be tracked on this blog. The car has been completed for some time and is being driven and enjoyed by Jared. The build log can be viewed here:

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