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It’s Done!

JJ F5 Cobra Posted on Mon, June 03, 2013 11:39:14

Jim’s Cobra is ready for the road. I drove it to the alignment shop last week and I’ll keep it for at least a few days to work out new car bugs but, other that that, It’s done.

It may not be a “REAL” Cobra but with a 427 and a 4 speed it IS a real hot rod. This thing must be driven with the utmost respect. With this much power in such a light package, you can get in serious trouble very quickly if you don’t.

Jim’s Factory Five Cobra

JJ F5 Cobra Posted on Tue, January 08, 2013 16:26:52

We got another stalled project in the shop to finish. Jim’s Cobra kit has been in the local high school’s auto shop since 2007. He just had the body painted recently so, it’s time to get it done. The Factory Five kit is usually designed to use a Fox body Mustang as a donor car. This one has a few departures from that plan. It already has a 427 side oiler, a toploader 4-speed and a nine inch rear installed. Along with Wilwood pedals and master cylinders. Most of the kit’s tin has already been riveted in and the steering is hooked up. That’s about it, the rest will be up to us.