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Model A chassis

CR 29 Ford Posted on Thu, November 21, 2013 18:11:48

The first project on Carolyn’s 29 was to get the chassis together. We started with what we thought was a rebuilt 327. upon closer inspection, we discovered it was about 20 inches shy and not completely rebuilt so, we tore it down and finished the job on rebuilding it to tip top shape. The four speed trans was a similar story so, it too needed to be rebuilt. The Dana 44 from a USPS Jeep was in good shape with 3.73 gears and an LSD.

The front end parts consisted of a bunch of mismatched old Ford bits. We shelved them for future projects and replaced it all with chrome goodies including a tube axle, four bars, and GM disc brakes.

A coupe for Carolyn

CR 29 Ford Posted on Fri, January 18, 2013 16:07:30

We’re building this 29 coupe for Jared’s mom, Carolyn. Quite
a bit of work had been done on the car long ago but, none of it was finished
and mush of it will have to be re-done.
The chassis had 4-bars front and rear. The front axle was too wide and
had 40 Ford front brakes. The rear was set up with coil over shocks and a Dana
44 rear axle. The body already had a Bitchin Products firewall installed and
the top was chopped and filled. Unfortunately, the top was filled with a flat
piece of sheet metal and covered with lots of body filler in a futile attempt
to create the compound curve needed for the right crown.