The rebuild of the entire suspension, steering, driveline and rear axle is complete except for assembling the front hubs. The outer front wheel bearings are backordered causing us a bit of delay in this area. So, we’re turning our attention to getting the engine accessories that will be reused cleaned up and painted. This includes things like the manifolds, valve covers, pulleys and brackets.

On the suspension and driveline, we replaced all servicable parts including wheel bearings & seals, ball joints, suspension bushings, sway bar bushings, sway bar end links, tie rod ends, power steering components, driveshaft u-joints, axle u-joints, brake pads, and shock absorbers. The rear differential was rebuild using all new bearings and seals. One of the rear spindles or stub axles was worn too far to allow the bearing race to be assembled with a press fit so, it was replaced. The other rear spindle appears to have been replaced already as it was much cleaner and well within the proper specifications.

In the engine compartment we have installed all new vacuum hoses for the headlight doors, new wiring loom cover, a new windshield washer bottle and a new coolant recovery bottle.

The fiberglass spare tire tub had a lot of cracks in it so, we ordered a new one of those.

As soon as we get those front bearings, it’ll be back on it’s wheels on the ground and we can focus on getting the engine and transmission installed.