We recently got this Silver Annivesary Corvette in the shop from an International customer. The plan is to keep it all stock and restore it to factory specs mechanically. Then, as the budget allows we’ll work on getting the cosmetics in order.

Our first inspection indicates that the car has been well cared for. It has not been molested and all of the original component appear to be here.

So far we have removed the engine, transmission and all the accessories. Due to the large number of vacuum powered accessories on the car we were careful to document and label all parts as they were removed to insure that the re-assembly goes smoothly.

As we tore down the engine it became apparent that it has been apart for repairs in the past. One of the cylinder heads is incorrect, the camshaft is not the original L82 and the pistons are .030″ oversize.

The next steps will be to detemine whether the engine should be rebuilt or replaced, and to get the transmission rebuilt.